Long time no write! We’ve been so busy. Mommy is having a human puppy next month! I’m going to be a big brother but I’ll always be First Prince at the house. Human puppy will be my very own Second Prince! Mommy is still trying to master the art of housecleaning before Second Prince arrives. Mom does a little every day but what she is really doing is making the house less dirty each time she tries to clean! Oh well, at least she has fun trying.

Even though we’ve been busy, Mom has still been up to her usual shenanigans!! The other night, Mom and Dad went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. They checked out at the express lane for people with 15 items or less. There was a well dressed grumpy older blonde lady behind Mom and Dad who had a million items. The high school aged cashier told the lady that the register was closed and also that it was an express lane. The grumpy lady didn’t care because she wanted the shortest line and refused to move. She was in a big big big hurry and the express lane had no line. Too bad she was behind Mom. Oooops. There were some price checks that had to be done. The last price check for a mango took the longest even though the mango display was super super close to the cash register! It was practically next door! Can you believe it? Price check for a mango?! Mom had purchased four mangoes but the price per mango was ringing up completely wrong at the cash register. Mom could see grumpy lady just fuming. All that anger directed at a measly mango!! Oh boy, those six bottles of wine that the grumpy lady had in her cart wasn’t going to make her happy after this! The cash register machine froze and someone else had to come and unfreeze it. Ha ha. The moral of the story? Don’t be mean to a high school aged cashier and always remember that the shortest line isn’t always the fastest line!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Ta ta for now!

Snowball Pierre