I think my human staff member (aka Mommy) has a negative IQ when it comes to housekeeping. It’s a never ending battle. This little doggie tries to supervise but Mommy just can’t keep up. She cleaned the stove on Monday and there was already food on it by Wednesday. She swept and mopped the kitchen floor on Tuesday but there is now gluten-free biscuit mix and maple syrup on the floor. The kitchen counters need to be wiped every day! The dirty dishes in the sink keep growing. Mommy dusted and swept the master bedroom floors on Wednesday but the dust has already reappeared. She did laundry on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but the laundry baskets are full again. Mommy cleaned the washroom sink but it’s dirty again. The bathtub is very dirty after last week’s cleaning. It never ends! She has to keep up or else the house will be condemned by the health authorities. We could hire a maid but they usually only come once a week. Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. You clean the house and it gets dirty again. When we lived in LA, Mom wanted to enter this reality tv show that featured messy home makeovers but Dad refused! She does try to clean the house even though it doesn’t look like it! Does anyone else have this problem?