So, my Mom signed up to bring dinner to a church friend who just had a baby. Twice. Yes, you can all stop laughing now. Anyone that knows my Mom knows that she can’t cook. Last week, Dad just shook his head, took over the kitchen and made the simple meal that Mom was planning to make. Pasta, precooked HEB Italian meatballs and a jar tomato sauce. It only took Dad 30 minutes to make it all. It went without a hitch except Dad had to go to his home office and do work and Mom was in charge of watching the tomato sauce in the pot. Well, tomato sauce somehow exploded all over the stove and floor! Ha ha, oops!

Well, yesterday, Dad wasn’t around to make the same meal. So Mom cooked it herself. She was so proud of herself for using HEB meatballs. The package said, “Serve HEB fully cooked Italian style meatballs & take full credit for yourself…no one will know the difference.” Somehow, it took ALL afternoon to cook the macaroni, bake the meatballs, and bake some Pillsbury cookies. Mom couldn’t even open the tomato sauce jar so she just brought the jar to her friend. Ha ha! It took forever to boil the large pot to water and cook two bags of macaroni. The cookies came out perfectly but all she had to do was place the circles of cookie dough in the baking sheet. Mom even included something healthy in the meal – a bag of frozen green beans that her friend could stick in the microwave. Her friend still had to finish cooking the uncooked sauce and green beans, ha ha ooops. When Mom came home, she cooked some brown rice pasta and chicken for herself for dinner and finally ate dinner at 8:30 PM. It was so funny to watch Mom “cook” for like five hours yesterday!

Well, I hope everyone has a happy Friday and weekend! Ta ta for now.

Snowball Pierre