Last week, my Mom was on her way to barre class at 8:00AM when she noticed something odd by her car. It was a large black mouse stuck on one of the sticky traps in our garage! Our pest control company put them in our garage. We live in an area with lots and lots of new construction so everyone has been using sticky traps in their garages (most homes here have at least a triple garage so even more room for them to hide). One of our neighbours caught a big rat in their garage sticky trap recently. Yuck! Well, the mouse in our garage had managed to move the sticky trap from the garage door to halfway down the garage. It was moving and wiggling like crazy and trying to break free. Mom was freaking out like crazy! She called our pest control company but they couldn’t send anyone until later in the afternoon/evening/after dinner time. Not cool at all! Mom thought about taking an old curtain rod that we had in the garage, using it to push the trap out into the driveway and closing the garage door. She thought and thought about it but just couldn’t muster enough courage to do it. Mom called a nearby church friend but she was freaking out too. There were many tears that day. Mom kept visiting it throughout the day to make sure that it was still stuck on the trap. The BB Gang Moms were trying to offer her long distance support and advice. Maddie’s Mom kept telling Mom to have a drink (or two) and to NOT visit the mouse in the garage. But it was like driving by a car accident, she had to look and visit the mouse. Of course, this was also the day that Dad was out of town for work and wouldn’t be back until early morning the next day. It always happens. One time, Dad left for Israel and Mom locked herself out of our new townhouse in West LA. We had just moved in and the landlord didn’t have the spare key because we mailed it back to them that day. Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh, Mom always has things happening in her life! Mom was so traumatized by the whole mouse incident!