Yesterday’s toilet incident was super funny.  Mom wanted to take a picture with her iPhone to show Dad but she didn’t want to also drop her cell phone into the toilet.  Here is another funny story that happened to my Mom:

My Mom had to take Home Ec when she was in junior high. I want to have a talk with her teacher because to this day, she still can’t cook or clean that well! When Mom was twelve and in grade seven, there was this assignment where the students had to use the sewing machine. There was a picture of a butterfly on a piece of paper and the students had to “sew” along the picture without thread. The point was to get little sewing machine needle holes along the outside lines of the butterfly. Mom was using the sewing machine and having a blast tracing the butterfly. When she got to the very end, there was a very tricky turn. Mom thought of a clever solution and used a sewing needle to punch the last three holes by hand. She wasn’t thinking at all and was so happy with her clever idea. Unfortunately, the Home Ec teacher walked by right as Mom was punching out the last three holes by hand. The teacher freaked out and ripped apart the paper. Mom tried to explain that it wasn’t what it looked like but it didn’t matter. Oooops.

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday that is free from silly shenanigans. It’s almost the weekend! Ta ta for now!

Snowball Pierre