Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely middle of the week Wednesday! I’m sure your day is going better than my Mom’s day. I can’t stop laughing!

Mom decided it was a good day to do some house cleaning. She cleaned the toilets and when she got to the master bedroom one, the toilet brush got detached from the handle stick. It was stuck in the hole of the toilet. She tried to screw the handle stick back to brush part but it got pushed deeper into the hole. Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh. Mom asked me if this was an appropriate time to say FML? I couldn’t stop laughing. Mom grabbed a whole bunch of plastic gloves likes these ones http://cleanones.com/products/categories/food-handling/ She tried and tried to get the stupid brush out of the toilet. Mom was freaking out because she did not want to call (or pay for) a plumber so she abandoned her dignity and tried to retrieve it with her hands & three gloves. Mom is germaphobe and hates touching dirty things. After five miserable minutes and some tears along with an angry tirade directed at the brush, Mom pulled out the stupid brush! This little doggie couldn’t help but laugh at her and tell her that it’s her own fault for trying to clean the house! Moral of the story – she should have gone shopping instead!

I hope the rest of your Wednesday goes better than my Mom’s! Ta ta for now!


Snowball Pierre