Bonjour!  Do You Speak French?

Je ne comprends pas français.

In Canada, everyone has to study French from elementary school to high school. My Mom has some funny stories from her school days.

One time, when Mom was just a kid, she had to take a school French test. It involved going into the storage closet, closing the door and singing “O Canada” in French into a tape recorder. Well, the first time didn’t go so well, so Mom tried to rewind and try again. She kept trying and trying and rewinding but kept laughing instead of singing. Also, she wasn’t sure if she was erasing other students’ renditions of “O Canada”! She could not stop laughing and finally just recorded some giggling. She never found out her grade and the teacher never said anything about it. Maybe the teacher had a good laugh? Mom was pretty sure she recorded over a few other students. Ha ha, oooops. At least it wasn’t the 25% that she got in a high school French test one time. She was pretty mortified by that grade.

Another time, in high school, Mom was writing a paragraph for a French class. She asked some random boy for help and he “corrected” it for her. The problem was, he thought it would be funny to write down absolute nonsense. Mom showed it to the teacher and the teacher was not happy. Ha ha, oops.

Well, I hope these two stories cheered you up! Ta ta for now, bonne journée! XOXO

Je t’aime,
Snowball Pierre