One summer, my Mom stayed in Los Angeles over the summer. She was staying in an off-campus USC university apartment and was paired with a very nice roommate. They didn’t know each other but got along very well. One morning, Mom went to the kitchen and noticed what looked like a body rolled in a blanket on the couch. It looked like a human burrito from head to toe. Mom vaguely remembered that someone had come over the night before but did they leave? Where was her roommate? All she could see was the blanket, with no head or toes. Mom stood there and stared. It didn’t move for a very very long time. She couldn’t hear breathing and she was worried that the person underneath had suffocated or was short of oxygen. Mom thought about poking the body to wake it up but then she got scared. She considered using a chopstick or a spoon so that she didn’t have to touch it. Mom decided to go back to her room and hide. She took a peek later on and it still wasn’t moving. After some time, the person woke up slowly. It was her roommate’s sister! Mom was very relieved but she seriously thought it was a dead person on the couch!