One time, when my Mom was a kid, she went shopping with her Mom (my Grandma). They stopped by a big shoe sale and purchased a bunch of stuff. Grandma was in a hurry since the deals were so amazing and she only tried on one shoe on some of the sale stuff. When Mom and Grandma returned home, they discovered that one pair had two right shoes instead of a left one and right one. That’s right, two right shoes in the box! Mom and Grandma could NOT stop laughing, it was so funny! They laughed and laughed until their tummies hurt. They went back to the store to return the shoes and laughed some more. The cashier processing the refund also had a good laugh. To this day, when Mom goes shoes shopping, she tries on both shoes, walks around in them to check for walkability (he he, is that even a word?!) and comfort. Most importantly, she makes sure that both shoes are the same size and that there is a left shoe and a right shoe!

As for this little doggie, I refuse to wear shoes. Mom tried to buy me some little baby bootie sock shoes. Cute ones, I tell you, but even the cuteness won’t make me change my mind. No way, Jose! They stay on my feet for about half a minute before they fall off. Even the smallest size (see the blue ones in the above picture) is too big for my tiny paw paws. Wearing sock bootie shoes makes me walk very funny, kind of like a waddle. This little doggie refuses to wear shoes! I’ll leave the shoe wearing for my Mom! I have much more important things to think about besides shoes!

So there you have it, brilliant shoe shopping advice from this little doggie! Over and out! Ta ta for now!


Snowball Pierre